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Process & Quality

Gemstones Are A Gift Of Nature And Are Magical In Themselves. However, Their True Potential Is Realized by Man’s Touch – The Cutting Which Releases the Internal Fire of The Stone and Creates the Mesmerizing Scintillation Which Makes a Gem So Enticing to the Human Eye. This Article Explores The Wondrous And Highly Skilled Process That Turns A Rare Rough Gemstone Crystal Into A Work Of Art.



The range includes Semi Precious Stone Overlays, Semi Precious Stones in Epoxy Resin, Inlays and Overlay-Inlay Figures and Custom Designed Semi Precious Stone Table Tops along with Tiles, Slabs, Counters, Liners, Floorings, Wall Mountings, Sceneries, Lamp Shades, Sinks, Fire Place, Vases and much more.



A careful selection of various shades of stones and shells is used to give the right gradation and shading to the designs. The selected stones are shaped with the help of especially made emery wheels. Each part of the design is shaped individually, which requires a lot of patience. The stones are then set in the chiseled indentations with an adhesive that is a mixture of 19 different ingredients. The articles are then hand polished and waxed. The whole process calls for sharp, dexterous hands, patience and high accuracy.