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Care & Maintenance

Tile Care & Maintenance

Flawless counter-tops, vanities and slabs surfaces offer high quality and low maintenance.

Any multi-purpose cleaner or detergent can be used on stubborn stains. For extra-stubborn spills, use a scouring pad to shift the dirt. To remove adhered materials like food, gum and nail polish, first scrape away the excess with a putty knife. Bleach or acetone can also be used to remove stubborn marks; however the surface should be rinsed with water immediately after their use.

Heat Resistance

Flawless Products can tolerate moderately hot temperatures for brief periods of time. Direct contact between very hot pots and the Flawless Products surface should be avoided. We recommend using an insulator / hot pad / trivet especially when using cooking units like fry pans, woks and kettles.

Scratch Resistance

Flawless products are highly scratch resistant. However, avoid using sharp objects directly onto the surface. The ever-lasting finish requires only simple and routine care to maintain its good looks. To clean Flawless products, we recommend using warm water and a cleaning detergent. But that should not be hard Acid.

Technical Information:

Slab Dimensions
Standard Size – 140 cm x 240 cm / 150 cm x 270 cm
Slab Thickness
Thickness – 2 cm- 3 cm
Slab Weight
270 kg –Average
Note: – Any customized size we can manufacture according to the drawing and specifications and any quantity can be ordered we have no MOQ.