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Semi Precious Gemstone Tiles – Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Planning to Redesign Your Home, Office or Work Space or You Are Building a New One to Give Sheer Pleasure and Calmness You Expect From Your Shelter. In This Young World There Are Many Designer Stuff Which Are Reliable as Well as Appealing to the Eyes. And It Is Very Well Said That Your Surrounding Also Affects Your Peace of Mind, So Why Not Make a Dream Home With the Best of the Products Available in the Market. Flooring Is One of the Quintessential Part of Interior as It Will Be the First Which Will Catch Your Eyes as You Walk Inside. So, Make Sure You Don’t Lose the Essence of Your Dream Home in Poor Flooring.

Semi Precious Gemstone Tiles

Flooring With Tiles Is the Modern Trend and to Make It More Opulent There Are the Semi Precious Gemstone Tiles Which Will Give Your Floor a More Aristocratic Look and Add an Extra Sense of Serenity to Your Place. They Are of Many Types of Gems Which Are Used in the Making of This Type of Tiles According to the Demands of the Customer. Therefore, Semi-precious Gemstone Tiles Provide Customer a Wide Range of Vibrant Options to Choose From. These Types of Flooring Render the Customers With Many Advantages Like:

  • It Is Very Eco Friendly and Doesn’t Disturb or Harms Any Environmental Resources and Is Extracted Directly From the Earth Crust and It Is Only Moulded Accordingly the Need of the Customer.
  • It Has a Very-long Lasting Life and Is Very Reliable as It Is a Well Known Fact That Stones Are Very Hard as Compared to Any Flooring Material. It Is Extremely Durable and That’s Why Our Ancestors Used It to Make Castles and Forts Which Resisted Much Wear and Tear.
  • Though Semi Precious Gemstone Tiles Are Little Bit Costly Than the Average Type of Tiles but It Is Worth the Cost and Will Not Disappoint You.

So, by This Time You Will Realize That Semi Precious Gemstone Tiles Display a Sense of Robustness and Richness to Your Home. The Advantages That This Type of Flooring Gives Is Worth the Money Invested. Therefore, if You Are Thinking to Make Your Home More Exciting and Serene Simultaneously Then You Are Thinking the Right Way, and After Getting a Glimpse of the Advantages of This Type of Flooring You Won’t Want Your Dream Home to Have This Lacunae. So, It’s Going to Be Perfect if You Bring This Kind of Flooring in Your Shelter.

Semi Precious Gemstone Slabs – To Beautify Your Interiors

With gemstones being the focal point of so many great pieces of jewelry, it is understandable why so many people are interested in buying them. However, it helps to know what you are doing and searching out when you store for gemstones. Semi Precious Gemstone Slabs have a lot of applications in daily life. They can be used at various locations in our house, offices. The Semi Precious Gemstone Slabs are renowned for their exclusive designs and fine finishing. Semi Precious Gemstone Slabs are available in a range of colors and shapes to suit the diverse demands of the esteemed clients.

Gemstone Slabs

We have a huge collection of hand crafted Gemstone Tiles and Gemstones Slabs which are widely used for luxury and style. Some of the collections are rare and exquisite this ideal balance of widely available Semi Precious Gemstone Slabs and Semi Precious Gemstone Tiles are the rare one that gives us the upper hand among its competitor. Another important part of the collection is the customizing feature this helps you customize a slab as consistent with your requirement to beautify the general experience.

The production process starts with selective pickings of raw material this is quarried in various places around the globe and is handpicked to achieve the excellent color, shape and size qualities. Upon arriving to our state of the art manufacturing facility, the raw material is going through a long system of cutting and setting using specialized epoxy glue that was designed and developed in our labs especially for this reason. All through the manufacturing process we produce slabs in 2 or 3 cm thicknesses as a preferred or custom size based on special request.

The end result is nothing short of fine home styling jewelry, unique slabs that are appropriate for decoration in various programs at private homes, offices and projects such as: bathrooms, Kitchen Island, kitchen counters, mirrors, decorative wall coverage, Flooring, bars and bath cabinets.

General Guidelines For Taking Good Care Of Gemstone Tiles And Gemstone Slabs

  1. Remove Any Loose Debris.
  2. Blot Spills; Wiping The Area Will Spread The Spill.
  3. Flush The Area With Plain Water And Mild Soap And Rinse Several Times.
  4. Dry The Area Thoroughly With A Soft Fabric.
  5. Repeat As Necessary.
  6. If The Stain Persists Or For Problems That Appear Too Difficult To Deal With, Call Your Stone Care Expert, Installer, Or Restoration Specialist.