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Luxury Kitchen Countertops Options

There are a large variety of options available when it comes to Luxury Kitchen Countertops for you when giving a new look to your space it can be great and difficult at the same time to choose and select what style is the best which will fit in your needs. Home decor is a mainstream fashion. There are sober with looks that will last a long life span and there are trends that come and go. Generally, it is it is considered as the 10 years to the max for a life of a kitchen and once you complete a decade you will have to keep renovating it. so when you are looking to make your dream kitchen you should also be aware of the reliability of the products employed in the making. So now you think you are all set for a kitchen decor upgrade but have you really taken your kitchen countertop into consideration, how much have you really thought about your counters? Do you know there are vast options to the counters than those previous mainstream options of granite and marble? There are options like Poured concrete, Butcher Block, Soapstone, reclaimed wood, stainless steel counter, pewter countertops, quartz countertops etc.

Luxury Kitchen Countertops Options

So Let’s Discuss Of Some Trending Luxury Kitchen Countertops

  • Poured Concrete
  • Butcher Block
  • Soapstone

Poured Concrete:

Poured concrete which is timeless in appearance are successful in giving strength and durability to your kitchen. These type of counters appear to be natural. Poured concrete comes in wide range of colours, so you can select it accordingly. Its appearance gets better with time as compared to others which get dingy and hazy through the passage of time.

Butcher Block:

Butcher block gives you a look which is elegant as well as environmental friendly. These generally have soft surfaces which mean a little maintenance is required. It is easy to clean and it requires a little mild detergent with soft cloth to clean with. It is available in verities of wood whose dimension can be selected according to the demand. Butcher block is a good option.


Soapstone is a type of natural stone which is mined like granite. When observed in its natural form it is softer at surfaces but for the kitchen purpose its inner part is taken into consideration which is harder in nature which makes it a suitable option for kitchen surface. Soapstone comes only in gray colour which gets darker through the passage of time.

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